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How to setup apcupsd for BackUPS BR1000G-IN on CentOS 6.6

apcupsd is linux counter part of PowerChute windows program shipped by APC for their UPS models. In this article we will go over how to properly setup apcupds to work with APC BackUPS BR1000G-IN also some times known as RS1000G on CentOS 6.6 . Entire setup process looks normal according to the nice manual that apcupsd comes with except in the end it is not able to communicate with UPS if you follow all the steps mentioned in there.

Freeswitch Billing for wholesale callingcard carriers

This post is been updated and please visit the following link http://godson.in/freeswitch-radius-integration-billing

How to install FreeSWITCH on Ubuntu

Just like any other software, installing freeswitch on ubuntu is a breeze. Just follow the set of instructions below and you will have a working VoIP switch in no time.

How to configure Asterisk with client behind NAT

NAT is one of the many problems that VoIP has which causes one way audio, call being dropped and clients becoming unreachable. People have devised many ways other than asterisk to overcome the problem and there fore here in this article I discuss about using Asterisk with clients (SIP phones ) behind NAT.

How to install Asterisk on Ubuntu

Installing asterisk on Ubuntu is very easy, its a sequence of some simple commands.
Stock Ubuntu doesn't ship some with the packages that are required to compile Asterisk. First let's install those packages.

#apt-get install build-essential
#apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`
#apt-get install libssl-dev
#apt-get install ncurses-dev
#apt-get install libnewt-dev
#apt-get install zlib1g-dev
#apt-get install bison

FreeSWITCH Radius Integration Billing

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